HealthInvestor Summit Date: 6 November 2014
Time: 09.00 - 17.30
Venue: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

A single forum for the entire private UK health industry

HealthInvestor, the UK healthcare industry’s leading information source, is in November hosting its fourth annual Summit – one of the largest and most anticipated conferences of the year for the healthcare services sector.

The HealthInvestor Summit brings together the leading private healthcare providers, investors and industry experts alongside the key public sector figures driving innovation in UK healthcare.

The purpose of the event is to provide a single forum to address for the major challenges facing the sector and to hear first-hand from UK healthcare’s leading figures about the trends and opportunities that continue to attract investors to the market.

For more information about attending the conference please click here.

This year’s HealthInvestor Summit will be held in London on 6 November and will address key topics including:

  • The state of the market – how is UK healthcare changing and where are the opportunities?
  • Financing healthcare businesses – How the investor base is diversifying, and other new sources of capital
  • Healthcare on the public markets – could this become the ‘new normal’ for major providers?
  • What represents a fair valuation in today’s market – and what dictates pricing?
  • Technologies in healthcare
  • The CMA ruling – what are the practical implications for the hospitals sector – how can the sector make the most out of the situation?
  • Private-public partnerships, and the impact of the 2015 General Election
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