Babylon, the healthcare provider, has launched a new service in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The new service, covid-19 Care Assistant, delivers appropriate information and remote care for patients who are concerned they may have the virus.

Patients can use the service 24/7 to check their symptoms; track their illness, cope with self-isolation, access information, chat with trained staff, and consult doctors who can carry out virtual consultations and referrals.

Access to the technology will help lower-risk patients with their needs, while freeing up clinicians to focus on the people who need help most. 

Babylon already owns and runs the GP at Hand service, an app that can help patients book a video appointment with a healthcare professional at any time of day or night. 

Ali Parsa, chief and founder of Babylon, said: “Covid-19 is the biggest public health threat to our communities for nearly a century and Babylon has a huge obligation to help. We know how hard governments and healthcare systems are working to battle this pandemic and fully support their tireless work.”

He added: “We were founded to help tackle the challenges of accessibility and affordability of healthcare for every person on earth by using technology to increase the reach and impact of healthcare professionals. The combination of our technology and clinical service allows our doctors and nurses to use their time for the most suited tasks, while amplifying their expertise for the benefit of all our patients. We stand ready to help our communities in any way we can and in any manner they need.”


Date published: March 23, 2020

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