A cross-party group of politicians, along with health and business leaders, have called on the government to commit up to £300 million – 0.25% of the NHS budget – in additional rent for primary healthcare.

This will enable the development of  between £3 billion and £5 billion of new UK health centres, including multi-operational hubs.

The group is led by Conservative MP Imran Khan and includes former Lib Dem health ministers Paul Burstow and Sir Norman Lamb, as well as former business secretary Sir Vince Cable.

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph the 14 signatories pointed out that the NHS Long Term Plan launched last year called for integrated care to be provided outside acute hospitals, and that Covid-19 has led to a backlog of seven million hospital appointments, meaning more care needs to take place in primary health settings.

The signatories claim such an investment would see the building and modernisation of up to 750 flexible, fit-for-purpose facilities and the construction sector’s multiplier effect of £2.84 for every pound would also help the economic recovery after the pandemic.

Date published: December 17, 2020

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