Medical Imaging Partnership and Prime Health Diagnostics have launched new, dual corporate brand identities.

Medical Imaging Partnership and Prime Health are backed by specialist healthcare investor Apposite Capital and were brought together in 2018 under one group in Apposite Imaging Holdings Company, which operates in the private and NHS markets.

Across the Southeast of England, Medical Imaging Partnership’s primary focus is the provision of managed radiology services to the NHS and private hospitals. More than 80% of its significant activity base supports musculoskeletal pathways in the community and additional modality capacity for NHS hospitals.

Prime Health has centres in London and Manchester and delivers primary and secondary outpatient and diagnostic health pathways.

Apposite Imaging Holdings Company’s chief executive Andrew Lennox said: “I am incredibly proud of the two class-leading brands that we have in our portfolio of Medical Imaging Partnership and Prime Health Diagnostics, and so it is very exciting to be launching their new brand images. As a company our values are common across all parts, and so it is right that our brand images can be seen to be part of the same family as they share common heritage.”

Date published: August 16, 2021

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