Sheffield-based online sexually transmitted infection testing service Preventx has expanded into Europe by acquired Spanish STI clinic Open House and Dutch company Soapoli Online (SPO).

Open House is the largest private STI clinic in Madrid, offering onsite testing, treatment and support from a city-centre location, as well as remote testing and treatment across Spain. SPO is the largest provider of STI remote self-sampling in the Netherlands, working with private, non-governmental organisations and public providers. It is located in Gouda near Rotterdam and processes around 36,000 tests annually.

Preventx offers a self-sampling STI kit online and has sold more than three million tests. The company stated that it works with more than 150 NHS trusts and local authorities in 63 regions in England

Preventx chief executive Ruth Poole, said: “The UK is leading the world in normalising online testing as a part of life for sexually active people. These important acquisitions will position Preventx to become the European leader in sexual health, enabling millions more people to access reliable and accessible sexual health services.

“The Netherlands has some of the highest usage of digital health in the world, and in SPO we inherit a strong business and leadership team who will ensure we can springboard into the sexual health market there.

“With Open House’s strong reputation, experienced medical team and laboratory this will enable us to reach people in Spain who experience increasingly high rates of STIs. They will benefit significantly from a rapid growth in digital sexual health services.” 

Open House chief executive Pablo Fernandez, said: “Preventx’s expertise in digital health and digital engagement models aligns with our local knowledge and experience and will allow more users to access sexual health services conveniently, safely and effectively.”

SPO’s chief executive Klazien Visser added: “This acquisition will allow us to accelerate our growth and bring a wider range of digital sexual health services to the Dutch market.”

Date published: July 2, 2021

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