The health secretary Matt Hancock has said the massive rise in coronavirus infections recorded yesterday is primarily among “affluent” young people aged 17 to 21.

Speaking on LBC radio, Hancock said that the increase of recorded 2,988 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, the highest rise since the end of May, is “concerning” and blamed poor mitigation behaviour among younger people.

“We are seeing problems with social distancing. The rise in cases is largely among younger people, under 25s, especially between 17 and 21,” he said.

“The message is that even though you are at lower risk of dying of Covid if you are of that age, you can still have really serious symptoms and consequences. Also you can infect other people.”

“Inevitably it leads to older people catching it from them [the young]. Spreading the disease amongst young people leads to older people getting it.

Hancock added that the government would take action to limit social events such as parties or raves in a bid to reduce coronavirus infection.

“We will take action if people go to big social events that are completely inappropriate in a time of coronavirus.”

Date published: September 7, 2020

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