Clinical experts at London-based healthcare tech firm Credentially have launched a new software tool to address HR issues that arose after an inquiry into the case of Ian Paterson.

Credentially’s tool works to ensure patient safety while simultaneously relieving burdens on clinical staff and their employers by providing instantaneous access to clinicians’ records.

The software is cost-effective, offers automated verification and compliance tracking, which means the potential for human error is almost entirely eliminated.

Paterson, the Birmingham breast surgeon, received a 20-year jail sentence in 2017 after being found guilty of 17 counts of intentionally wounding patients. The independent report into Paterson found that a lack of accessible information about each consultant’s practice and human errors were among the main reasons why the rogue surgeon was able to continue practising for years.

Credentially chief executive Kit Latham (pictured) said: “We believe Credentially will completely transform the way healthcare HR is run across the globe. It is a huge advance, not least because of its automated aspects. It is also significantly quicker and more efficient than existing systems. Clinicians’ data is stored securely and in one place – which wasn’t the case at Ian Paterson’s clinic – and the system is fully GDPR compliant.”

He added: “The Paterson report made it very clear that complete oversight is vital to ensuring patient safety. We bore all of its lessons in mind when we developed our product and hope to have a chance to help providers across the UK guarantee that Ian Paterson’s story will never be repeated again.”

Date published: March 3, 2020

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