LNT Care Developments

Leeds-based LNT Group is seeking new investors for its care home development business, Insider Media has reported.

The company has appointed advisor Goldman Sachs to secure the external investors to support the LNT Care Developments business to develop new homes over the next few years.

A spokesperson for LNT Care Developments said: “LNT Care Developments is seeking investment in order to substantially ramp up its production over the next five years to meet demand in the post-Covid world. Our goal is to build over 30 well-designed and future-proofed care homes in the UK each year by 2025. We believe modern purpose-built care homes are a key social mission for our company as everyone deserves care facilities which are environmentally sustainable.

“Since 2009, LNT Care Developments has built over 100 brand new purpose-built care homes in the UK run by multiple first-class operators.”

The LNT Group is a group of companies owned by entrepreneur Lawrence Tomlinson, encompasses businesses across a range of diverse sectors and employing more than 1,000 people. As well as building and running care homes, the company is involved with industrial de-icers and racing cars.

Date published: February 26, 2021

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