Med24, London
Med24 in Paddington

Med24 is opening its first clinic on 29 March in London, offering immediate access to GPs 24/7 via an online service or in-person at the clinic.

Designed by architects Threefold, the 7,000 square foot Paddington clinic will be a one-stop-shop to carry out tests, diagnostics and treatments in a single visit. It features five consulting rooms, two treatment rooms for minor procedures, a therapy suite and access to specialists in nutrition, sports medicine, men’s health, women’s health, children’s health and preventative medicine. It will also offer a 24-hours-a-day concierge service to support and advise patients.

The service is available for walk-in appointments and for those with membership packages. Five different levels of care provision are available, from simple £20 a month plans, to more extensive, higher-cost options.

Med24’s co-founder and chief executive, Jonathan Kron is a former corporate lawyer who has worked in and around the healthcare sector for 17 years, negotiating agreements for the NHS and private medical enterprises.

Kron said: Following years of hearing about the frustrations people have had accessing reliable, uncomplicated healthcare for modern living, delivered with great service, I knew it was possible to do it better.”

“At Med24 we will ensure our members and patients have a great experience from end to end. Healthcare provision was changing rapidly before Covid-19, that change is now accelerating further. We believe people will demand a better designed health system in the future with consultations, diagnosis and treatment in one physical location backed-up and interchangeable with on demand online care where appropriate and Med24 caters to this. I believe this exciting new offering can really make a valuable impact on all of our lives and ongoing wellbeing.”

Last August, Med24 raised more than £5 million in funding in a seed round from a number of private international investors including Irish businessman Dermot Desmond.

Date published: March 16, 2021

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