Nearly three quarters of employees do not feel comfortable returning to work unless social distancing measures are in place, according to a new survey.

The online poll conducted by GHD, a professional services companies, also showed that 60% of participants would like to see more permanent social distancing measures implemented at their workplace following the crisis.

Simon Ancliffe, executive director at Movement Strategies a GHD subsidiary, said: “As people are encouraged to get back to work, businesses will need to move quickly to develop detailed plans that will deliver optimal efficiency and safety, while responding to the way people behave and use space.

“We strongly advise organisations to remember that two meters is not as straightforward as it seems and social distancing should be considered dynamically not statically. In addition, human behaviours must be considered when implementing solutions. It is extremely important that social distancing procedures are monitored and measured as they are adopted into daily operations, as this will be vital in helping to create better and safer ways of working in the future.”

Date published: May 15, 2020

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