King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust is transferring staff at its urgent treatment centre at Denmark Hill in southeast London to Greenbrook Healthcare under a three-year, £10 million contract beginning 4 October, HSJ has reported.

Greenbrook Healthcare provides NHS primary care services, including UTCs, walk-in centres and community services, in London and surrounding areas. It oversees nine UTCs, most of which are in London.

However, the move has encountered opposition from the Royal College of Nursing and Unison which has sent a joint letter of complaint claimed staff were given the news via text message. It said: “This has stirred up so [much] emotion within our team. Not sleeping, anxiety, tears, obviously very low morale at work and anger. This situation is particularly hard as it is not one we have asked for, or agreed to, and now feel it is affecting our health and wellbeing, particularly off the back of what has been the most challenging 18 months any of us have experienced in our careers.”

RCN London officer Charlotte Daus said: “Greenbrook Healthcare does not recognise trade unions. RCN London believes this will have a detrimental impact on nursing staff, but also erode years of constructive joint working between management and trade unions.”

Date published: September 16, 2021

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