Labour leader Keir Starmer has hit out at the government for failing to address the crisis in the UK’s social care system.

Speaking at Labour’s virtual annual conference, Starmer branded care provision a “disgrace” and said the Conservatives had done nothing to resolve matters despite being in power for a decade.

“Our care workers are heroes,” he said. “But the social care system in Britain is a disgrace to a rich nation. The Tories have had a decade to sort it out, but they’ve done nothing. David Cameron promised he would fix it. Theresa May promised she would fix it. A year ago Boris Johnson promised he would fix it.”

Labour is calling for greater protection for care homes as a scond wave of coronavirus engulfs the country and for workers in the sector to be paid “at least” the real living wage 

“This is a matter of basic fairness and human compassion. The Government needs to act and to act now,” said Starmer.

“It must ensure that the mistakes made in the first spike cannot happen again this winter. And it must bring forward comprehensive social care reforms that guarantee all care workers at least the real living wage.

“After a decade of drift, this Government must finally fix our social care system. So that it treats those who have given so much with the respect, love and dignity that they deserve.”

Date published: September 22, 2020

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