Manchester University Foundation Trust, one of the largest NHS providers, has stated that it has encountered problems accessing capacity at its local Spire, BMI and Ramsay hospitals this month, HSJ has reported.

The trust accuses the hospitals are ‘pushing back’ on requests from NHS trusts to send them more NHS patients.

For most of last year, most private providers in England were on a national block contract with the NHS allowed to use as much capacity as it needed. However, a new contact in place between January and April only offers trusts a minimum volume of activity equating to activity provided last October and November.

David Hare, chief executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, said: “At the end of last year, NHS England contracted with 14 independent sector providers to deliver ongoing support for the NHS from January until March this year through activity-based arrangements. This represents a change from the previous ‘at cost’ capacity-based contracts which ended on 31 December and local systems needed to adjust to the new ways of working.

“Any local mobilisation issues have largely now been settled with NHS and independent providers working well together to deliver vital treatment to NHS patients.”

Date published: January 15, 2021

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