In partnership with:

Gary Hartland, chief executive, St Philips Care

John Wearing, partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors

Jock Waugh, managing director, Kieran Lynch & Co

When it comes to social care, the tax position for operators can be complex. Despite care fees being VAT-exempt, the trading costs of running a care business are subject to indirect taxation (at an estimated annual cost to the sector of £600 million).

The position, however, is far from black and white – and over the past decade there have been a number of key rulings from HMRC on what elements of VAT expenditure can be reclaimed within the existing legislative framework.

With social care funding under the microscope following the dramatic announcement of the Health and Social Care Levey, both operators of and investors into care businesses need to fully understand their tax positions as they progress through this crucial next phase of the market – especially if they are on the expansion trail or looking to potentially exit their business.

To discuss these matters, HealthInvestor UK  partnered with care sector VAT specialists Kieran Lynch to host a webinar discussion on Tuesday 16th November. In a 45-minute session, the following panel of market experts discussed the practicalities of contract restructuring, VAT recovery and how to calibrate your care business so that it is ideally configured for expansion and future financial events.

This webinar took place on the 16 November 2021